Marijke and her work

I use two different techniques: watercolour and oil. I enjoy both. Let me explain why.

Watercolour is a difficult and “explosive” technique. I use the wet in wet technique which means that the basic idea of the painting should be “right” straight away.

Oil painting is much more “slow” in this respect. Oil requires several layers and oil paint needs a long time to dry. I like the change between fast and slow.

I use watercolour to create impressions of flowers, fruit, still lifes, landscapes. The results are sometimes impressionistic, at other times expressionistic.

My watercolours are reasonably large. I usually use frames that measure 70 x 100 cm; some are framed in 140×100 cm.

In oil I work more intuitively, from my creative imagination. Take my paintings of fish for example.

Fish have always fascinated me because of their mystical qualities. When I made them the subject of my oil paintings I had to decide how to represent them: as immobile creatures, gazing impassively at their surroundings? Or would I show their swift movements through the water? I started with the first, and found that the appropriate fish-like expression just emerged. At the moment I have moved on to capturing their gliding through the water. The figurative representation slowly recedes into the background: the illusion of movement becomes more and more important. I am very curious myself where this development will end.

Almost all of my fish paintings are quite large (120×160 cm). This makes them really suitable for big spaces such as company offices, although a large work of art can of course look surprisingly good in a living space…

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